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Countertop, Cabinet & Tile Refinishing Services

Do you like your existing fixtures, even though they look like they need replacing? When a fixture still works perfectly but is visually unappealing, don't just toss it out We can restore those working fixtures to their former glory, extending the life of your investment.

We offer the following refinishing services:

  • Cabinet: Update your wood surfaces in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. You can change the color to give the room a fresh new look or you can restore the current scheme to help warm up the room.
  • Tub: With daily use, tubs suffer from fading, staining, chips, and scratches. Bath tubs are often the largest object in your bathroom, and you want it to look timeless. With our restoration process, you can change the entire look of your bathroom.
  • Tile: Small tiles are a pain to have to replace when they chip or crack, especially if some of your tiles are still looking great. Rather than cause a bigger mess than you need, we can refinish your tiles without the hassle of weeks of remodeling.
  • Countertop: Modernize your kitchen by refinishing the countertops! We can smooth out all uneven surfaces and even change the color or appearance if you like.
  • Safeway Step: Step through your tub, rather than hiking your leg up and over the high edge. The safeway step reduces the risks of falls and is much cheaper than replacing your tub with a walk-in shower.

No More "Out With The Old"

Don't fall victim to this society's idea that if it's broken, just replace it. Chances are that your appliance still works great--if not better--than most of the products on the market today. Integrity of modern fixtures has decreased over the years, and your older tub or tile is probably of much higher quality than items they currently have on the market.

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